The Permissionless Path

The Permissionless Path

How to succeed in anything by providing value without Asking Permission
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Jan 21, 2024
permissionless path
Making good stuff like software, designs, or writing takes lots of upfront work. You don’t see benefits right away. It’s tempting to perfect things before sharing. But Naval Ravikant says just put your work out there. Act first, get feedback later.
Developers should push code to GitHub, launch basic versions of products, ship projects early and often. Don’t keep them private. Designers can publish templates, graphics, drawings without over-polishing. Writers should focus on regularly posting helpful stuff not flawless masterpieces.
The key is being okay with roughness. Make value fast and let real feedback guide you. Stay curious. Keep shipping no matter what. Making lots of stuff will build your skills and trust.
Sharing early builds your brand before perfection. Others may use and extend your code, designs, or ideas. Consistency matters if you post stuff people need. Don't worry about pleasing everyone when you create value without permission.
Have faith putting more rough work out there improves your skills over time. Make stuff, launch it, gather data on what works, refine based on that. Let people’s needs guide your talent to where it helps most. Trust that process over time rather than waiting for “ready.”

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