šŸ‘‹Hey ! I'm David Amunga, a Software Engineer living in Nairobi šŸ‡°šŸ‡Ŗ. I graduated from Strathmore University,Nairobi in 2018. Right now Iā€™m building web and native mobile apps atIdentigate. Before Identigate I was working at HP Lab in Strathmore University. I occassionally write onMediumand you can find me onTwitterwhere i talk about design,products and development, or onGithubwhere iā€™m building out cool stuff.

When I am not writing code or working , I'm probably spending my time reading, listening to classical music or hiking. I love spending time with my family and, my friends mean a lot to me.

šŸ’»Web Engineer

In mid 2017, I got interested in building landing page websites for some friends and family after learning PHP and Wordpress. Later on as when I started my career I picked up Backend development with NodeJS (Typescript) and Spring Boot and heavily use ReactJS for frontend development at work. Glad that I currently use NextJS andTailwindCSSas my default UI Framework for my projectsMy current interests in web development are PWAs,Cypress,Github Actions / CircleCI,GraphQL and Headless CMS Services. I'm glad i built this site using NextJS andStrapiCMS and is currently deployed onVercel. I hope to add most of these on this site and write my experience, tips on the same

šŸ“±Mobile Engineer

I began my career in 2018 after University as a Mobile Engineer after learning to build simple Android applications likeKibandaand Msaidizi . Since then Android development has evolved at a really rapid pace that i struggled to keep up learning and reached burnout in 2019. Special thanks to Mitch Tabian courses for making Android architecture easier to understand šŸ‘ ,EDMT Dev Youtube Channel for tutorials on real life building of Android Applications. and Google's Developer docs and codelabs whose quality stepped up in explaining Android app architecture,best practices and libraries. I hope to build a few open source applications and UI Design Tutorials in 2021 to share my knowledge on the subject.I've always wanted to build iOS and MacOS apps. So i hope to be learning alot fromHacking with Swift,Sean Allen, andStephan Dowlesscourses this year.


I believe there are three things about your life that you should always prioritize. And, these are health, diet, and exercise. I recently got into hiking. I do it every once in some months to get some time out of my busy routine and refocus on my goals and progress. Other than that, I work out every morning to keep myself energetic for the whole day.

šŸ“§Get in Touch

Get in touch with me on LinkedIn, Twitter or shoot me an email at david@davidamunga.com. Interested in my resume you can get ithere.

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