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I'm a Software Engineer by training and trade. I spend most of my time reading about productivity,tech,business,marketing and finance. If this interests you , Welcome to my small spot of the internet. Here is where i share about my writing,info diet,software and life adventures


I'm currently working at Echo Mobile. In the past 5 years that i've been working , I've spent the first 2 years building Mobile Apps with Android + iOS and the past 3 building decent UI's as a frontend engineer. I've focused most of my career in being able to design and developing software products from conception to completion. In the past , i've been performed as the sole developer of some projects. If you're interested to know more you can me on LinkedIn or book a call.
Here is a summary below :

Echo Mobile
Senior Frontend Engineer
Virtual City
Software Engineer
Android Engineer
HP Research Lab
Frontend Developer
Tatu Creatives
Software Developer Intern


When i'm not typing/staring at any digital screen i love learning to do boring tasks each month ranging from plumbing,upholstery,carpentry etc. Basically anything to answer the question :-

In the event of an apocalypse, where you're one of the last few survivors. How would you use what you know now to rebuild civilization ? 🤔

When i'm not prepping for a civilization collapse I enjoy hiking and travelling occasionally every 3 months.

Minimum Viable Poses (MVP) at Stone Town,Zanzibar 😁

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Fri Dec 16 2022

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