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The Permissionless Path

How to succeed in anything by providing value without Asking Permission

Sun Jan 21 2024

My Tech Stack

My Tech Stack on the tools i use that help me build products

Thu Jan 11 2024

Reverse Engineering the KPLC API using Puppeteer for fun

How i was able to reverse engineer the KPLC API to derive some insights

Sat Dec 17 2022

How I built an Electricity Bill Tracker for fun and (not) profit

How curiosity drove me to building a neat tool to keep track of my Electricity spending

Fri Dec 16 2022

Working with Multipart Form Data using Retrofit

How to send dynamic form data

Thu Feb 17 2022

Fetching Query and Route Parameters in ExpressJS

How to access Query and Route Parameters in an Express.js App

Fri Oct 08 2021

Building a Social Media Preview App with Cloudinary and Auth0

Learn how to use Auth0 and Cloudinary to build an Open Graph Tag Generator Web App

Sat Sep 25 2021

How to create a Text Typing Animation Effect using NextJS and Tailwind

Create an animated Typing Effect for your Website

Fri Sep 17 2021

Free space in your Mac for Mobile Development

How to clear space in a Macbook for Mobile Development

Tue Jul 06 2021

Rebuilding my Personal Website in 2021

Starting the new year with a new personal site build with a Jamstack Architecture

Tue Apr 06 2021